App Icon Template

iOS 6 App Icon

If you’re making app icons for iOS 6 this is the template you want to get. Quick render all sizes, bundled textures, app store & homescreen previews and easy export actions.

Current version 2.1 Last updated Dec 2012

iOS 7 App Icon

Quick render all iOS 7 & iOS 6 sizes, bundled textures and iOS 7 gradients and colors, wish list, app store & homescreen previews, new golden ratio grid and easy export actions.

Current version 3.3 Last updated Nov 2013

Android Launcher Icon

This template helps quick render the multiple android sizes, it's bundled with textures, Ice Cream Sandwich screen preview and easy export actions.

Current version 1.1 Last updated Mar 2014

License The purpose of these templates is to help you create awesome icons, so everything you create with the templates is completely royalty free. All I ask is that you don’t redistribute the template itself.

Let’s make icons!

App icon template is a free Photoshop resource that makes it easier for you to make icons. Edit a single object and it’ll automatically render out all the various sizes required on iOS & Android. Build in textures and colors make it easy to get started and the bundled actions make exporting a breeze.

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Empowering Iconists

This resource is created and maintained by Danish designer, Michael Flarup. I made this resource to help designers and developers and anyone in between create better icons for all the mobile devices that surround us. You can check out my Portfolio over at Pixelresort. If you have comments or if you’re looking for someone to make you an awesome app icon, send me an email.